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 A Database for Planetarium.

If you have a Handheld (PalmOS) and you are using the Programm Planetarium, you will love this Database ;-)

This Database (1.2 MB !) expands the Planetarium with the following Objects:

The 110 Messier Objects
The 109 Caldwell Objects
The complete NGC Catalog with 7840 Objects !
The IC Catalog with 5386 Objects
The complete Abell Catalog with 4076 Objects
6000 Objects out of the UGC Catalog
more then 10000 Doublestars
and more then 10000 other Objects out of the SAO Starserie !

For instructions on how to use this Database, please read the Planetarium User Manual ;-)

Have Fun with Planetarium ;-)

This Database for the Programm Planetarium is Copyright protected! The distribution over other web pages, or other media, is hereby strictly forbidden! The spreading of the database over different media, no matter for what purpose, requires my strictly written permission!

Copyright © 2002 by Anand Rajiva , E-Mail: astronomie@rajiva.de